Skylar Love

Skylar Love DJed for us in 2013 and 2014

Sky has no borders when it comes to delivering the hype. Trekking from the beautiful mountains of British Columbia, Canada, this beat bandit has made their sound heard on a global intercom. With worldly music selection and innovative mixes Sky has brought every inner ear a dance rhythm and a floor sweep.

Inspired by underground rave parties they attended in the 90’s Sky picked up their first set of turntables at the age of 15. Since then, they’ve witnessed the evolution of DJing and electronic music for over a decade and bring in the elements of old school and new school to their DJ sets.

Influenced by all genres of House music, Bass music and Hiphop, this renegade DJ has love for all genres which is revealed through their original mashups and remixes. Skylar is a strong advocate on breaking barriers for Queer DJs and has traveled all over headlining in major cities including Berlin, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Atlanta and San Francisco.

Skylar shows versatility through imaginative style and sound over live performances and recorded DJ sets. The mission is to take you on a musical journey of different beats, rhythms and sounds through the medium of freestyle mixing.

Artist, DJs and Talent that Skylar has shared the stage with include: 
Nina Sky • Amanda Lepore Ruby Rose TT The Artist • Mykki Blanco • UNIIQU3Mike Q • LE1F • Cakes Da Killa • Jungle PussySaturn Rising • Joanne The Scammer  

Skylar Has headlined at Pride festivals & LGBTQ events all over including:
Los Angeles • Mexico City • Puerto Vallarta • Berlin • San Francisco • Honolulu • Las Vegas • San Diego • Palm Springs • Atlanta • Toronto

Skylar has also DJed for for fashion shows and large corporate events including:
Nike • MAC Cosmetics • NYX Cosmetics • LUSH Cosmetics • French ConnectioN