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CUM AND GLITTER will be doing nasty thing to you in the Kinky Kissing Booth/Erotic Cafe

QueerPorn.TVORIGINAL PLUMBING magazine, will be giving away free stuff all day long at this outside daytime patio pride party at El Rio.

Tickets are $7 online, or $10 at the door. Don’t wait in line – buy the tickets. And Share This Post and Invite Your Friends. 


Courtney Trouble
Courtney Trouble is a film-maker, published and celebrated photographer, queer rights activist, DIY genius, and an award-winning feminist pornographer. Courtney is the founder of NoFauxxx.Com and QueerPorn.TV, as well of the director of 13 full-length films.

James Darling
James Darling is a FTM porn performer, boylesque artist and proud lady-loving trans fag. A fey southern gentleman hailing from the Dirty South, he hopped a Greyhound bus and headed west to pursue his dream of becoming a full time pervert. When this prince of queer porn isn’t dancing his way into the hearts and fantasies of queers and queer lovers everywhere, he can be found working in a porn castle, riding his bike, drawing dirty pictures, consuming mass amounts of sugar, or rolling around in his own glitter.

Dorian Faust
Dorian Faust is a dynamic creatrix, explosive performance artist, and inspired pop-culture icon. She is a classically trained dancer, actress, and vocalist. She made her Burlesque debut in New Orleans. In the fall of 2009, she became the first Burlesque performer to ever rock the stage of the Afro-Punk Tour. Most recently she has begun production on her own show, Livid Cult Burlesque Theatre, “The Bay Area’s most subversively sexy indie Burlesque show”. Inspired by fashion and drag icons her performances include thoughtful, high-concept storylines, striking visuals in costuming, and bold moves in subject matter.

DeeJay Andre
DeeJay Andre is a San Francisco native with a passion for music. Over ten years of mastering multiple instruments such as the guitar, piano, drums, bass, clarinet, tenor saxophone, and her own voice, she is able to deliver an eclectic sound to the audience.
Over the years DJ Andre has performed in many locations as a Resident DJ, Guest DJ and Private Events. She hosts her own party FADED with the hottest DJs spinning Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, Dancehall and Bay Area Rap in San Francisco, CA.

Cum & Glitter
Cum & Glitter is a performer-owned and run production company that challenges the status quo of our industry by creating our own outlets for artistic sexual expression. We are committed to maintaining a healthy and creative space for ourselves as sex workers. In addition to live sex events we are creating opportunities for our community through support, education and performance. By bridging the gap between performance and activism, we intend to create a holistic environment that creates opportunities for sex workers in multiple ways. www.cumandglitter.com

photos by amos mac